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This is really awesome, great work! Would pair jolly good with IFTTT! I actually started working on exactly the same thing once under the name PeekPeak, but never ran it through. I wish you the best of luck!
@gopatrik thanks Patrik! we have integrations with IFTTT and Zapier on our roadmap :)
@johnaveri :) Reach out if you need any help on the Zapier front: mike@zapier.com This is really powerful app and I can think of several great use cases. Looking forward to promoing it!
Ah this will be really useful for tracking when tickets become (re)-available. Last Glastonbury festival I used something similar (but not as good as this) to track and notify me as soon as one of the pre-pitched camping slots changed from 'Sold out' to a quantity-dropdown based on another customer refunding their own booking.
What are some of the most common use cases? I suppose it could be useful for tracking competitors, market research?
@PieterPaul Also, some cases of scraping for non-developers!
@PieterPaul I am one of the cofounders. We have had friends using MonitorBook for a few weeks now. Our friends use it for all sorts of things. Tracking prices. Tracking headlines of websites (for instance you can set up an alert to let you know whenever a certain word shows up in an piece of text). Tracking competitors (specially their pricing). One of our friends owns a restaurant and he uses our tool to track his reviews on yelp as well as his "competitors" reviews. The tool is flexible, so it will be interesting to see what people use it for :)
@PieterPaul Also for collector geeks like me when hunting vinyl, toys etc. Like this a lot.
@bradleyisyoung lots of great use cases actually... curious what vertical they'll focus on if any.
@bradleyisyoung it's funny you mention it, because one of our friends is using it exactly for that purpose (he collects CDs and vinyls).
Uhhh...so it pairs the AdBlock element inspector/selector with extensions like "Page Monitor" (for Chrome), which observe website's contents and notify you upon changes. That focus is a nice touch!