Monitor by Cloud Campaign

Beautiful and free social media community management.

Monitor is a beautiful, free social media community management tool built by Cloud Campaign.

Monitor assists with:

πŸ” monitoring social media posts

πŸ’¬ managing conversations and comments

🌎 analyzing audiences

πŸ“ analyzing post types

πŸ“ˆ historical follower and post analytics

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting @_JackSmith! We're super excited to be releasing our newest product, Monitor! Monitor is everything you need to effectively monitor, manage, and analyze your brand on social media. We worked hand in hand with top marketing agencies to build out the feature set included in Monitor. We noticed there were some great, free tools for publishing to social media, but there seemed to be a shortage of free ways to manage a brand on social media across platforms. Give it a try and let us know what you think! πŸŽ‰
@_jacksmith @b0rno Product looks wow. Random thought if you have started with B2B sales : a) Target companies who have recently raised funding. Since they have raised money, they have money in their pockets. They will be doing social marketing aggressively to acquire more users hence your product. b) Target B2C companies who are hiring for Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager. It gives the signal that these companies are willing to invest in social media hence hiring for that role. Happy to hear your thoughts on this targeting :)
@shreyaa_ratra That's a great idea, thanks for sharing your insights! a) We've partnered with select accelerators and funds to offer Cloud Campaign as a benefit to their portfolio companies. This is a great way for early stage companies to grow their brand on social media, and if they make it big, we have a new customer :) b) That's a really good idea! Also, if they are just now hiring for that role, chances are they aren't using a tool yet. Thanks again for the tips.
We are excited to launch this tool to the marketing community!
This looks awesome!
Can you manage multiple twitter or multiple Instagram accounts from one dashboard for free? (ie, agency model) also, any ability to export summary reports?
hey @swetzequity! Yes, you can add up to three accounts per platform for free. For example, 3 Twitter accounts, 3 Instagram accounts, etc... We don't have an export option for the free Monitor account, but our core product has the ability to export unlimited reports and manage unlimited accounts.
@swetzequity let me know if you'd like a demo of our complete solution with reporting, scheduling, and content curation. I can also just upgrade your Monitor account so you can give it a try for a month. Let me know!