Comparison site for international money transfers

Monito is a comparison website for international money transfer services.

We compare and review more than 470 money transfer operators, to help you find the best option for each of your international transaction.

Our goal is to help migrants, expatriates, international students and everyone sending money around the globe save on transfer costs.




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François Briod
François BriodMaker@briodf · Co-founder & CEO @Monito
Hi Product Hunt! I’m here with @pbriod (Head of Product), @lodhb (Head of Biz Dev) and @davpires (Head of Growth) from @TawiPay ;) We’re here to help you save on money transfer fees with our search engine for money transfers. We’ve condensed a lot of information to provide you with a clear and simple overview of all available services. Find out which services are cheapest, fastest, most convenient or best rated by the community. Our story is simple, we’ve been sending money for 16 years to Cameroon to fund micro-credits & scholarships through a non-profit we co-founded as kids. Our biggest problem has always been the high costs (15% !!) to send money there… So we decided to help the 232 million migrants sending globally $586 billion each year to support their family back home. Try it out and if you have any questions or remarks feel free to drop them in here or send me an email:
Ohad Assoulin
Ohad Assoulin@oassoulin · CEO/Co-Founder, KitCut
@briodf this looks awesome! Great job guys!
François Briod
François BriodMaker@briodf · Co-founder & CEO @Monito
@oassoulin Thanks ;)
RocketClub@rocketclubco · founder, RocketClub
sweet! i was looking for something like this last month
Jp Valery
Jp Valery@jpvalery · Customer Success @ LANDR / Ex-Gameloft
Sounds great, especially for people like me living thousand of miles abroad. However, I tried to test the platform for EUR to CAD and got only 2 offers (the one sponsored). And if I input 10 in the original amount and click Compare, the system bugs and look for 100 000 000....
@jpvalery thanks for your compliments. As you noticed, we unfortunately don't have data for every possible corridor in the world as there are dozens of thousands of them! We display any data we have so that users may discover transfer operators they might not know of, to compare services manually. Thanks for sharing the bug with the transfer amount, we're working on fixing it :)
Konrad Caban
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO,,
No results for USA->Poland. ;(
François Briod
François BriodMaker@briodf · Co-founder & CEO @Monito
@konradcaban ... yet ;) Drop me an email ( with the amount you'd like to transfer and I will provide you with a custom comparison!
Konrad Caban
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO,,
@briodf @konradcaban While reading your response I was almost expecting "and I will transfer it for you". ;)