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This is like skill bars on graphical resumes - they look slick, but all they do is draw attention to the weak points. IMO there's just too much form over function with these kinds of things. Obviously yall might feel differently, I'd love to hear your rationale.
I like it, it would be fun to embed inside a medium post or website, almost like a TLDR for a side project
// About Us // What is Monimen? Monimen is a Maker's Community to Build Project from Ideas with Talented People. We've an unique Scoring System to qualify people based on their public portfolios. Idea Cards are discreet Quick Simple Entrepreneur Pitching Tool that creates an Startup Idea Cards without telling; + How it works ? (You don’t have to reveal all business flow) + What’s the magic ? (Your Know-How is your magic, and we appreciate it) + and Why ? // Benefits For Entrepreneurs 1. Idea Cards (Elevator Pitch Cards) Every Entrepreneur Candidates, Monimen Idea Cards is for you. Filling our forms takes less than 2 minutes in first learning curve, later it on it takes less than 30 seconds to Create Idea card for Elevator Pitch. Monimen has responsive design to fit into any medium (Tablet, Smart Phone, TV, Screen) for pitching with Visual Language for Common Universal Understanding. 2. Projects Convert your Idea Card into Project to Post Job for Talents to work with. 3. Talents Search for people to work with for based on their wide variety of their skills and previous works. 4. Jobs Post various Jobs for your Project to find right people. // Benefits For Makers/Talents 1. Verify Verify yourself with your current portfolio on various sites like Behance, Github, Dribbble, BitBucket, Google, Facebook and Twitter. More sites will be added in very soon time. 2. Jobs Find your Job Position and Best Project to work on. // Benefits For Investors 1. Cards Monimen Idea Cards aims for Investors. Investors need some simple standardised data in beginning to have an overall idea to identify how to use by own benefits. With Monimen Idea Cards, Investors will gain a vast amount of time to have an idea to meet with founder or not in a few minutes. 2. Fund Projects We've added an option Apply as Investor to fund a project near Budget field.
FAQ Q: What's the pricing of Monimen Idea Cards? A: It's Free by life time. Q: Who can use? A: Everyone who has any Technology Startup Ideas. We'd like to please to be used Monimen Startup Cards as soon as possible in any time to not to forget your valuable ideas. Q: How to Create a Startup Card? A: To create a card, you'll fill some information. Don't worry it's all in multiple choices. + Shortest Information about your Startup, + Target Audience, Who's gonna use it? + Business Model, From to Whom ? + Target Market, What it's for? + Location, Where to use? + Usage Frequency, When to use? + Supported Platforms? + Revenue Model, income strategy? + What you've did so far as Entrepreneur ? + We do you expect from Investor ? + Estimated Budget, how much you need? Q: How to use rate slider on Market benefits? A: It's limited with 3 markets. It's all up to you. It's personal decision. Just don't make it overrated. Nobody believes all 5 star projects. Have a balanced ratings. Q: Card Privacy? A: End of Card creation last button is Save / Save & Publish. Publish means Public cards. Save means Private Cards. Q: How to Share my Card? A: On "My Startups" section, there is Publish button on you cards. While viewing Startup Card CV, you can copy your CV's address by browser's address bar. And Share to anyone you like. Q: Is there any Card Inventory limitation? A: Nope, you can have any many as you like. Q: Are Every Cards publishes on Browse? A: Nope, your privacy is important. Only your Published cards can seen to whom you share. And without site/manual publishing, only you can view your card. Q: What to do be Published on Home Page of site? A: Send a message through Facebook, Q: I'd like to share my cards on some websites? A: We're working on this, will e-mail you about this, when it's available. Q: How much time takes to Create a Card? A: In the first use, within Learning Curve it takes up to 5 minutes. After the first card, It should be only 1 minute. Q: I've didn't think about some Questions. If I leave form, what happens to my filled answers? A: System saves after each section. Even you close your browser, you can continue where you left before with Edit button of your card. Q: How to Edit my Card, Do I need start over? A: On your Card, there is Edit button. To view a Question as sections, please use Previous / Next buttons. Q: How much time takes to Read a Startup Card CV? A: If Your Investor/viewer know what he/she looking for, it would takes only 20 seconds time to read your Startup Card CV. Q: Case: I'm reviewing my Startup Card Cv over phone, and I'm making some editing on card. I think viewer should reload the page to see my updates, right? A: Nope, system works in real-time. When you edit your card, viewer will be updated instantly without reloading page. Even you're still in editing mode. Q: I've shared my Startup Card CV to Investor.. what's next? A: Monimen is just a Simple Quick Startup Pitch Tool. You should arrange a meeting with your Investor to share your, Why, Magic, Know-How and Business Plan. Q: Any Tips in Investor Meetings? A: We advice you to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with your Investors. And you can use your Monimen Idea Card CV within signed documents to confirm what's to be discussed in meeting