MongoDB Startup Accelerator

Get $3,000 in free Atlas credit to run MongoDB in the cloud.

Spend your time growing your startup, not managing your database.
Apply to get $3,000 in credit for MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database service. You'll get technical support, access to events, and more. Apply now:
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Jessica Wolfe
Jesse Krasnostein
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  • Nuri Ha
    Nuri HaSoftware Maker, Speaker, Author

    Leave the Ops part and DBA to the experts, focus on your product.


    You may get addicted to "free", forgetting that value has it's price. Not currently offered on Azure.

    It's really a no-brainer: If you use mongo as your backend, this gives you free credits to run fully managed mongo as a service. Takes the pain out of install and ops of the database, freeing you to focus on product and applications.

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