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Thanks for hunting us @snowmaker! Hello PH community! We are building the cheapest way to send money between 2 countries by connecting to the top money transfer services. When you transfer we use the cheapest service to send the money. Every country has a large number of money transfer services. They are not very transparent with their prices which make it difficult to compare. And these services change their prices all the time, so you never know how much you end up paying. We wanted to change this. We provide a comparison of the fees in most countries. And now we allow you to transfer directly on Moneytis with these services in several countries (mostly from Europe) We are also quite used to startup accelerators. We are a YC company in the current batch, we participated to the Lisbon Challenge accelerator and the ING innovation Studio in Amsterdam. Feel free to ask any questions!
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Moneytis is also a nomad startup: 6 months per country: France, Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands, USA and ... let's see.
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@lassuytchristop Congrats dear friend, the new UI looks slick! Upvoted :)
@dizzda thanks Jonathan ! Appreciate it.
@lassuytchristop Congrats guys, great job!
Amazing team building a simple product solving a real problem πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€
@adrienm thank you !
This team is incredibly talented. I know they built their whole blog CMS in 3 days. From scratch. Badass. Btw, why did you choose the name Moneytis? Congratulations on the launch! πŸš€
@maxholzheu Thank you. That's true btw, we like to say 72 hours ;-) . Regarding the name: that's a very good question. We have been working abroad for the last 6 years and we struggled with international money transfers. Indeed it was incredibly complex. So we decided to make money transfers simpler. With Moneytis, our goal is to make our dream come true: when we would be able to say that MONEY Transfer Is Simple :)
So excited to see Moneytis here ! :crossingfinger: