MoneyAlarm™ 2

Alarm that costs you if you don't wake up

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Well, this is actually a pretty good idea. I could probably buy a car at the end of the year 😬
@davidesquimal Then this app's pitch should be like "Turn your sleep into investment" 😄
Where does the money go?
@arjunz It directly makes developer rich 😃 (and Apple) that's it . We thought of options such as giving it to charity, but then it would be a good excuse to sleep. You will be like, "Oh i will just sleep another hour because MoneyAlarm contributes my money to to charity". That ruins the purpose of getting you up from the bed. What we expect for the user is to commit to set a MoneyAlarm everyday. puting something like $5. If they wake up on time everyday, they can keep reusing same $5 forever or until they get the habit of waking up early.
@livinextreme @arjunz It'd be better if it donated the money to organisations you despised.
@livinextreme hmm, I'll give it a shot before giving feedback.
If you need some serious motivation to wake up early without snoozing, MoneyAlarm™ is for you. I personally had the laziness where I wake up and turn the alarm off and go back to sleep. Although I set a goal to wake up and do some studies, I tend to forget the goal when alarm rings in the morning. MoneyAlarm™ will remind you how much it would cost if you waste time oversleeping.
Sounds funny :)
This won't work for rich people lol
@voon_ming_hann hmm.. maybe they should put something like $1 mil. It will keep them up all night. 😬