Super simple expense tracker💰

Monetal is my vision of the personal finance application. It uses "tap-tap-tap" technology, which is very fast way to add new transactions. It supports three main platforms, takes 5Mb, free from ads and doesn't required any registration. It contains all your data offline, which will be around 500Kb for 5 years. I hope you'll like it. Thank you.

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What is "tap-tap-tap" technology? 🤔
@aaronoleary "Tap-Tap-Tap" is a way to add new expense in Monetal: First tap on account minus or plus button. It corresponds to expense or income accordingly. Second tap is amount, 7 for example Third tap on category. That's it, you created new transaction.
Hi, not sure how this is better than using other apps that just automatically track your credit card/ debit card expenses and then allow you to review them?
@jl_fausto If you are talking about Bank client apps which automatically track your expenses than in this case you are limited in tracking all your money accounts like Paypal etc, and also you will loss all your data since you move to another bank. In case you are talking about auto sms/messages parsing Monetal doesn't support it yet. I am not sure it can really get all work done, because you need to keep in mind that this card is managed automatically, but this one you need to enter manually. And also you need to verify category for supermarkets where you can buy stuff for different categories. So far i have other priorities, may be later.
@jl_fausto @ilya_krupko He's probably talking about apps like Mint ( or one of their competitors where you link your bank account and credit cards, and they track all your transactions automatically
@jl_fausto @alekplay Ah, yes, thank you, it's clear now. The main problem here that I am individual developer and its almost impossible to cooperate with big companies or banks. Also Monetal is available through 200+ countries and again i can't see how to manage this option for any significant amount of countries.
@alekplay @ilya_krupko Ok that makes sense, I'm just a heavy user of Intuit Quickbooks Self-Employed and have found it helpful to spend a small amount of time reviewing all my transactions and applying them to different categories.

I'm looking for a working expense tracker for ages. I just couldn't find a simple, just working app for the job. I've loved the interface of monetal. It's really simple and clean. Seems like the app for the job. Thanks for the great product!


Super simple logic and usability!


Can't define repeating expenses (Afaik?)

Hi, repeating expenses are available for Android and WinPhone so far: new expense -> date -> repeating. iOS version is much yanger and I just didn't implement it yet.
Looks very nice! Will try it out. Only reason I can't see myself switching from money manager is that there's no calendar view. It's a must have for me. I can't visualize and understand my expenses if they are not shown on calendar. Any plans to add one? :)
@anna_0x , Monetal has calendar view with all days coloured by amount of expenses or incomes. Go to expense tab a tap a month status panel.
You got me until you threw the subscription crap. Thanks!
@omtnt Monetal doesn't have any ads or mentions to buy premium. Only way to know that there is actually a premium version also is enabling one of this features. There are a lot of users who even don't know that they are using free version.