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#3 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2018
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Monese Business is a UK and EUR current account for businesses, freelancers and self employed people on the go.

Mihnea Miculescu
Alon Uziel
Yannis Karagiannidis
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  • Yannis Karagiannidis
    Yannis KaragiannidisGrowth hacker

    Unlimited Transactions, International Money Transfers, free contactless debit card, ATM withdrawals and cash deposits


    EUR accounts coming soon

    For a monthly fee of £9.95 you’ll enjoy the features of a UK business account and a Plus personal account combined within the Monese app. Separate your business and personal spend with free dedicated debit cards and manage both seamlessly from one place.

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Luca Spanjaard
Luca Spanjaard@luca_spanjaard · BrewTo.Eu
I'm looking for a £ account which I can connect with Stripe and PayPal. Can I do this with Monese?
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson@scott_robertson · Engineer, Baremetrics
@luca_spanjaard Starling?
Luca Spanjaard
Luca Spanjaard@luca_spanjaard · BrewTo.Eu
@scott_robertson I'm not a UK resident.
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson@scott_robertson · Engineer, Baremetrics
@luca_spanjaard Ah, well that makes things tricky.
I try to sign up but it doesn't work at all, I'm from Morocco. and one question, does this mean I can use stripe with this Service?
Yannis Karagiannidis
Yannis KaragiannidisHunter@ykaragiannidis · Growth hacker
@kaoussi It's open only in EU
Igityan Hayarpy
Igityan Hayarpy@igityan_hayarpy · Would you like to know my headline?
Like the idea
Henning von Vogelsang
Henning von Vogelsang@core · Founder of River
I tried Monese before I chose a TransferWise Borderless Account. Monese provided the most horrible customer experience you could imagine. Transfers never arrived, then ended up being rejected from banks, despite the fact I had filled out every information correctly. It simply never really worked. After months of struggling and back and forth with the reluctant support team of Monese (they didn’t get the problem, apparently), I tried the TransferWise Borderless Account, and never looked back. In Europe, TransferWise are already providing a debit card.