Opening a banking account has never been easier

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Sounds very similar to Revolut card which I'm using. But they don't charge for ATM withdrawals and currency exchange. So at first your landing page misguided me, cause it says, that it's free.
@ekaterinaklink To celebrate absolutely everything is free with the exception of currency exchange transactions. After our fully free period ends (and we will give lots of warning), our customers can use the free Monese credits they get each month to cover any paid transactions. So I hope you see that there IS a free usage tier (within limits). We've designed our pricing to be as transparent as possible, and you never pay to use your card in stores. If you need more there is a very straight forward charge per transaction, so customers are always in control.
Is this available to UK citizens only?
@vladzima According to their FAQ, it's open to EEA residents.
@vladzima We're open to all customers in the European Economic Area (EEA) for now, but we are rolling out globally with our next funding round :)
Nice looking product - good to see more players in this space.
My bank account is under my mattress.
@99centbrains Don't. It's not safe. Join Monese :)
@inthescript, can you please share some invites with the PH community?
@seceleanu Will get a link up for Product Hunters soon. Hope a few people have joined the invite list also, which you can do on the site. We are sending out invites daily for people on the list - it's a pretty big list so is taking a while, but we're going as fast as we can :)