Mondrian tab

Turn your new tab window in a Mondrian composition

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Thank you @bibapeluwap for posting Mondrian, my latest project! I'm excited and glad to share it with you guys. Mondrian is a minimalistic Chrome extension that fills the new tab window with a geometric modern artwork, inspired by the style of Piet Mondrian. I'd love to hear any feedback! Thanks Gal Shir
Awesome, are you planning to add further extensions of other abstract expressionist artists?
I love Mondrian, and there are so many great chrome extensions for new tabs, I wish I can use more than one at a time, but somehow I always go back to @momentum
@ghromisWe need an extension to make a random between all our "New tab extensions" each time we do a +T 🙃
@bibapeluwap would be very cool. Mondrian looks good but would rather have it say 5% of the time
I feel like the white-on-black contrast may be a little harsh. Maybe an off-white would be better?