Mondrian tab

Turn your new tab window in a Mondrian composition

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Gal Shir
Gal ShirMaker@galgalshir · Product Designer
Thank you @bibapeluwap for posting Mondrian, my latest project! I'm excited and glad to share it with you guys. Mondrian is a minimalistic Chrome extension that fills the new tab window with a geometric modern artwork, inspired by the style of Piet Mondrian. I'd love to hear any feedback! Thanks Gal Shir
Aleya Dwivedi
Aleya Dwivedi@deleted-545044
Awesome, are you planning to add further extensions of other abstract expressionist artists?
Gabriela Hromis
Gabriela Hromis@ghromis ·
I love Mondrian, and there are so many great chrome extensions for new tabs, I wish I can use more than one at a time, but somehow I always go back to @momentum
BrunoHunter@deleted-228218 · Designer
@ghromisWe need an extension to make a random between all our "New tab extensions" each time we do a +T 🙃
Richard Kain
Richard Kain@richardkain · Messing around on software projects
@bibapeluwap would be very cool. Mondrian looks good but would rather have it say 5% of the time
Sam Doshi
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
Max Krieger
Max Krieger@a9_io · HS Developer/Designer/@getliquidtime
I feel like the white-on-black contrast may be a little harsh. Maybe an off-white would be better?