Mondly VR

Learn languages in Virtual Reality

Mondly VR takes language learning to a new level: virtual reality! With its spoken language recognition ability, you take part in real conversations with virtual characters from the comfort of your couch.

Available on Oculus Gear VR, Daydream & Cardboard.

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21 Reviews4.8/5
As strides are made in improving VR, I think that companies would be wise to follow Mondly's lead, embracing virtual reality for their products. The immersive experience of VR is perfect for language learning. I suspect that VR will speed up Mondly's learning process! And now I can finally justify buying a Daydream as an educational expense!
@kikischirr thanks for hunting this. Top pick!
@kikischirr Hello Kiki, thank you for hunting Mondly VR.
Hello ProductHunters! Excited to be here again! Following the chatbot release last year, we continued our quest to create the most immersive language learning experience possible. VR offers us an amazing opportunity to create a truly immersive environment. Put your VR headset on and instantly teleport to a foreign country where you’ll be the star in your own story. You’ll get to speak with our 3D virtual characters, get instant feedback on your pronunciation, and suggestions that enrich your vocabulary in 30 languages. The app is live today on Google Daydream & Cardboard so you can try it on almost any Android phone: Also available on Oculus Gear VR: I can’t wait to see what you think of it. Alex Co-founder and CEO Mondly
VR is having a breakthrough year and my friends at Mondly are at the forefront. VR is an exciting way to learn a new language. Congratulations!

Probably the most useful VR app I've ever seen


Love the idea and the graphics. Really fun


adding more scenarios would make it perfect

I used to use this app to learn Japanese and German. it's interesting to try it in VR version
@axs_sargsyan Thanks, let us know how you like it!