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I like Duolingo, but I got tired of it. Time to try something new. Speaking of new, Mondly didn't just release a native iOS app today, but also the Android one. THANK YOU, GUYS! :D "Learn to speak a language in a fun and engaging way by practicing authentic conversations in a highly interactive app. You'll absorb 5,000 words and phrases in 100 hours of game-like lessons: swipe, tap, listen, read and speak. From simple words to sentences and full dialogues. Complete simple tasks, earn achievements, unlock new content and compete with friends."
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@v4violetta thanks for this. I love duolingo but was looking for a change myself. this is fresh and beautifully done.
@v4violetta Thanks so much for the add :)
@rameshdot0 @v4violetta Thanks for the kind words. Check the conversational modules - too boost your leanrning in a whole new way!
Just tried and I'm liking it a lot. I'm learning japanese and duolingo doesn't offers it, mondly has it and has also many more languages than duolingo! Thanks for sharing!
@xeo_it Francesco, that's great to hear. Japanese is a beautiful language.
Awesome app, built by awesome people :)
OMG, one of the founders got married today. Congrats! :)
Hello everybody! Just got married today. Many thanks for the awesome present to be on Product Hunt today.