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CyrilMaker@cx42net · -
Hey! :) I am one of the maker of MondayLeads along with Antoine. We needed a tool like this and at our greatest surprise, we weren't able to find one that was really simple to use, so we decided to build it. If you have any question or need any details, feel free to ask, I'm ready to answer them :)
Artur Kiulian
Artur Kiulian@arturkiulian · Partner at Colab
@cx42net Great stuff, would be great to have the initial leads though, kinda signed up and didn't have that "aha" moment, u know :)
CyrilMaker@cx42net · -
@arturkiulian Thank you ! I'm aware about this. We plan to add one more step to show what the result will be (just after you added your criteria) and then send you an initial list of leads automatically once you subscribed. These features will be online soon :)
CyrilMaker@cx42net · -
@arturkiulian But I'm curious, what did you expected ? (I'd like to know if I'm heading in the right direction :) )
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Can you share a little more about how your process identifies leads? The landing page says you use an algorithm, but the search requirements are quite....brief.
CyrilMaker@cx42net · -
@kkdub Yes sure! :) We decided to not say a lot about the process to keep it simple. It is really simple in the frontend because we wanted something people where familiar with, and the basic search from Twitter is the perfect implementation. But in the backend, we add some twist to extract leads. We do the search like Twitter does, but then, we apply a score based on the tweet to select leads and order them. Depending on how much results you get, it's possible you get all the results (if the search yield less results than your plan for example), but if there is more results, we work with a greater set, apply some rules (number of followers, length of the tweet, origin (RT for example), etc). I hope my answer was enough for you. If it's not the case, feel free to ask for more :) And sorry for the delay, it was the night here in France ;)
John Gianakopoulos
John Gianakopoulos@johnggee · Product Manager
How do you go about contacting individuals after you search for them? I thought that doing keyword searches to solicit customers was against Twitter's terms of service.
CyrilMaker@cx42net · -
@johnggee The initial idea was to return a CSV with the email of the author of the tweets, but we ran into varous issue (technical first, but also morale!) so we decided to drop that aspect. After implementing the engine, we also discovered that it's better to let our customer reach people they want based on other data, including the original tweet(s) that lead the persons to be in that list. Now, regarding the ToS, I was not aware of that. I read it (the public one, maybe it's not there) and did not find anything related to it. It's also possible I overseen it so if you happen to know exactly where to find it, I'd be really interested (of course, since MondayLeads depends totally on it ;) ). Thank you :)
Avinash D'Souza
Avinash D'Souza@avinashdsouza · VP, Marketing @ Deck Apps
@cx42net @johnggee Would love an update of sorts on this...