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Convert design to code for mobile developers 😎

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 28, 2020
Monday Hero converts design into mobile code. Developers can get layout code with design specs - colors, fonts and assets - as a bundle.
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Hey folks! I’m Nazlı one of the co-founders. With Monday Hero, you can convert Sketch design into Swift code. Define your components and code preferences before exporting your Xcode project. In the Xcode project, you can find layout as Storyboard or only Swift code with constraints, colors, fonts, assets. In mid-2018, we started Monday Hero with a single bold mission — To help developers create beautiful apps in the most efficient and fast way. Actually we are also solving our own problems in the first place. Every new design of a mobile app, or new additional screens that will be added to an existing mobile app, developers repeat the same set of actions. They analyze the screen design, get the measures of paddings, fonts, colors, export assets, deal with pixels and implement those bunch of tiny details to their project source code. After a while, developers are repeating the same set of UI codes, creating lists, detail pages and so on. These detailed and predictable works consume precious engineering time. ⏳ With Monday Hero you can: * Upload Sketch files and share with your team * Download design specs * Get your code as Storyboard & Swift code or as only Swift Code * Choose your code preferences in your project * Download colors, fonts and assets as a bundle We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions! If you like Monday Hero and want to subscribe, email to for the 25% off for 3 months
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Fantastic!! I've been using MondayHero for a while. Such a great tool to enhance your programing experience either for front-end developers or full stack. Customizing the class and property suffixes and getting the output not only for Code but also for Storyboard are crucially helpful. Thumbs Up Monday Hero Team!!
@softbaeyazilim Wow! Such a great feeling to hear that :) We have just celebrated your comment here as a team :)
Such a great tool that runs very stable while importing your designs into XCode, I think softwares which makes code generation like Monday Hero will be the future of the mobile development. Thank you for all the team. Congratulations
@cemiluzunhasan Thank you! It's great to hear that :)
@cemiluzunhasan Thanks! Happy to hear that you love the application. If you have further comments please join on Slack we would love to have them.
Hey Makers👋, Which platform/language support would you like to see next in Monday Hero, upcoming weeks?
Cross Platfrom/Flutter
Cross Platfrom/React Native
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@burcu_geneci1 I think supporting of RN will be helping your product to be interested by RN community. As considering RN's community's population, it could be a strategic step.
@burcu_geneci1 this fits perfectly with flutter and the current project that was similar died some time ago yet Microsoft endorses the project which isn't nearly as polished.
@darryldexter Thanks 🙏 for the info about Microsoft side. I’ll definitely check it out. I’m totally agree with you, Flutter match perfectly Monday Hero platform👌
Easy to use and works like a charm! It makes hardest parts of my work. Thank you.👏