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#5 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2019
Monaru is a virtual assistant for your personal relationships. After a 15 minute on-boarding chat, Monaru provides regular suggestions and reminders that help users be more thoughtful and intentional with their close family and friends.
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13 Reviews5.0/5
Monaru is a genuinely useful product for staying closer to the people you care about the most. If you’re busy and can be a bit of a potato when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family then Monaru is 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
@finn_murphy Thanks Finn, great to have you on board 😁
@finn_murphy I'm totally a potato.
Hey Product Hunt 👋 I’m Romy, co-founder of Monaru. Monaru is a virtual assistant that helps you stay close and connected with your family and friends. We want to help people be intentional with their relationships. After a 15 minute on-boarding chat, we create a tailored set of suggestions and reminders to help you delight the people you care about. We might suggest a new place for you to take your spouse for date night, or we might remind you that you haven't called your brother in over a month. Being thoughtful is something people generally see as a personality trait. We don’t agree, we think it is a skill. Some people are naturally very good at this, and some people aren’t (my co-founder Patrick never replies to my texts 😢) Our hunch is that there are more people out there, like Patrick, who really care about their relationships but need a little help to bring focus to them and to make sure the important things are remembered. We want Monaru to be your new Superpower 🦸‍♂️, a tool that gets rid of the anxiety around remembering or planning and lets you focus on the important part: connecting. Please try us out, we would love to have you on board and make the people close to you happy 😊 Romy
@romylynch Heplfull and nice application to protect our relationship.
Hey Product Hunt, I’m Patrick, one of the Monaru co-founders 👋 Our mission is to help people be intentional with their core relationships. For something so significant, it’s strange how little time some of us spend reflecting on who is important to us and how we can stay close to them. My motivation for helping to create this product was to solve my own problem. My friends call me the blue tick monster 😱. I’m terrible for keeping in touch and really bad at remembering dates and events. The killer is that I really care about these relationships, and in the past I was able to laugh it off as a quirk. It was only when all my close friends moved away after college that I realised how important a skill I lacked. I did a bit of digging around for tools that might help. There are a number of personal CRMs out there that are great for the long tail of your professional network but they often require some manual effort and aren’t really suited for your close personal connections. They can feel kinda cold and remind me of the CRMs I’ve seen at work 😕 In contrast to me, @romylynch is probably the most thoughtful person I know. She always knows the perfect thing to say or do to make someone close feel cared for. She’s also great at thinking of ways to reach out and reconnect with people who have been out of touch for a while. What if we could create a human powered tool that helps everyone be that good? Enter Monaru! For our initial users, the AHA moment happens when we offer a suggestion that they never would have thought of for an event they usually forget. What makes us different is that the suggestions we give you are human powered, and they are always tailored to you and your connections. Whether we’re helping you plan date night, or offering gift suggestions for your best friend's birthday, we make sure that you connect in a way that is personal and unique to you. We would love it if some of you try us out :) Any and all feedback is also very welcome! Thanks, Patrick
@romylynch @patrick_finlay hi guys! trying to fill out the form but not sure if its submitting or not
I've been using Monaru for a while now and I've been extremely impressed. The recommendations, suggestions, and nudges are creative and deftly personalized. The service and app takes on a lot of the logistics and research, and lets me spend more time on the heart of the matter - being thoughtful and connecting with my close friends and family.
@rajiv_ayyangar thanks so much Rajiv! Delighted to hear you're enjoying the product so far. Hope to keep improving the experience :)
@patrick_finlay Thanks for making it! Magic Monaru moment of the week was a suggestion to see the Flower Piano exhibit in the Botanical Gardens with my brother (a classical pianist). ⚡️💐🎹
@rajiv_ayyangar Sounds like people actually like it. Alright, I guess I have to give it a try. :)
@rajiv_ayyangar @romainmoise1 Great to hear it Romain, excited to have you onboard !
Congrats for the launch team! 🚀
@joparisot Thanks Jonathan !