Monarch Methods

Beautifully designed and handmade coffee equipment

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Excited for the shout out on @producthunt (thanks Will, glad you're enjoying the kettle!). Thought I'd extend a gesture to the community here and take $20 off any order over $100 - just use the offer code "producthunt" when checking out. Happy to answer any questions that might come to mind as well!
For the discerning coffee connoisseur. I own a "Mk-V" kettle - one of the first five made (according to the founder, Chris Chekan anyway). Perfect for pourover coffee or Aeropress for that matter. I love mine to bits and pieces. There's a certain love and connection to a product that you know was made by someone's bare hands.. Chris Chekan's Monarch Methods kettles and stands don't come cheap ($139 CDN for the kettles), but they're just, ugh.. so beautiful. You'll have to hold one to understand!