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  • Andrey BudarevskiyProduct enthusiast

    Great and potential idea


    No yet

    I think the most difficult would match sizes. How are going to track returns, how this affect recommendations?

    Andrey Budarevskiy has never used this product.


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Orkun AtikMaker@orkunatik · Co-Founder, Mona
Hello Product Hunt community, Mona works like an in-hand personal shopper using a powerful feature called Missions. Want to know when those shoes you have been eyeing go on sale? Looking for handbags under $500 from your favorite brands? Need inspiration in jewelry? Create a Mission, and Mona does the rest. Plus, Mona helps users discover the latest trends and deals with her Top 20 and other contextual product suggestions on a daily basis. Mona also treats shopping like a continual search and learning experience. Unlike other e-commerce retailers and apps, Mona learns from each interaction and detailed customer feedback, getting more and more attuned to your tastes without asking dozens of questions or making you fill out all your personal preferences. Customers spend hours trying to find and buy the exact right product across a plethora of different sites and services. Mona gives them that time back. We’re starting today with search and discovery and extending to order placement, return management and much, much more. We'd love for you to join our beta and hear your feedback! Thanks, Orkun
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Mona from Mona-Lisa? or from Mona-co?
Orkun AtikMaker@orkunatik · Co-Founder, Mona
@orliesaurus Just from Mona :) We just imagined a female character like a best friend who you could ask for advice. Did you like it?
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
@orkunatik hahaha why not :D
Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
A specially curated list of 20 items per day is great. I would buy too much, too often for sure 😉 How does purchasing work? Is it done swiftly through the app then shipped to the address you have on file? Or through the brand's site?
Orkun AtikMaker@orkunatik · Co-Founder, Mona
@jacqvon We currently forward customers to the product page on brand’s website. In near future, customers will be able to directly purchase within Mona.
Dagny Prieto@oolah · VP, Product & UX, Time Inc.
Missions seems like a killer feature. I like that you can tell it what you want and it will suggest and monitor items for you.
Orkun AtikMaker@orkunatik · Co-Founder, Mona
@oolah Thank you, Dagny!