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At, we aim to create the closest community of mothers who blog or want to blog, by providing all kinds of technical support and mentorship from successful bloggers and other industry experts. Absolutely free forever.

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@imshashankk Thank you Shashank. Please do share it with someone who can get benefitted from this.
Hello PH Fam, First of all, happy mothers day to all beautiful mothers of this planet. You are the reason we exist. You are the reason love exists. I am Nitesh Manav and I run a digital growth agency I have been using WordPress for last 9 years and hence have a good hold on almost everything related to it. With #MomsWhoBlog, we want to create the closest community of mother bloggers and it's not possible without your help and support. With this, pre-launch, we are looking for Top 10 Super Moms who will help us run this community. Each of these 10 moms will get a brand new blog website, set up with everything essential like - One-year AWS Hosting, SEO settings, Premium Themes, Plugins, Google AMP, Instant Articles, Analytics Settings etc. ( Total worth $1000 ) First of all, we will select Top 20 Moms from the subscription form on our website and then online personal interviews will be conducted to finally select Top 10 moms. I am open to all your questions, suggestions and feedback. Cheers, NItesh Manav
brilliant idea, Nitesh has extensive knowledge about online products and all the tech stuff which comes with it. If he is launching a product, be sure it is bound to be good. I think this is a great platform for mothers who want to share their knowledge and thoughts with the world, without getting stuck in all the tech related stuff.
@abhikshome Thank you Abhik
Fantastic Initiative! :)
@iuditg Thank you Udit. :)
Great initiative to empower moms! Many women wants to blog to share their views & perspectives but are deterred by the steep technIcal learning curve to set up and operate the blog to make sure it’s get traffic. ThIs solution takes all that hassle away! No better day to launch than Mother’s Day! @Nitesh - Curious How do you plan to monetize this?
Thank you for the support and appreciation. :) Actually, we don't have any plan for any kind of monetization of this. ( At least for now) We have resources and connections with some successful mom bloggers who will help us build the self-helf community. Once it grows, there won't be a lot to do for our technical team as the most active moms will take care of the group activities.