Stock app for tracking high & low Breakouts

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Saw you present at Dallas New Tech and Expose UX and this just popped up on my Muzli, great to see!
@jonnyaustintx I was there too.
@n_clemmons Dallas New Tech or Expose UX?
Commenting because this could actually be hugely helpful if you are into day trading, shorting stocks, or looking for spikes to buy on both sides.
@vacord Appreciate it Stuart. Welcome feedback on new ideas. Hopefully we already have them in queue for 2.0, but always looking for ways to take to next level.
Awesome app. Super useful for day traders, it shows you beautiful opportunities. :)
This is great. Good job
Thank you for the PH submission! It's awesome to find others that find MOMO valuable. This is actually the second time I tried building a mobile stock app. Back in 2011 I had "RT Stock Alert" on the drawing board, but a variety of hurdles shelved the idea until I revisited it again last year. MOMO is pretty unique but it was designed around my stock app frustrations and personal use cases. 1) Discover new stocks making new highs/lows beyond my watchlist. 2) Set alerts to get realtime notifications on particular stocks 3) Be able to quickly as possible identify what newsworthy event may be cause for the breakout (via crowdsourced news - StockTwits). 4) Work in pre-market hours while I'm still in bed or away from desktop. MOMO 2.0 will make the stock breakouts even more "actionable" and if all goes well MOMO 3.0 will include ML-based intelligence to suggest profitable entries. Welcome any and all suggestions and questions. Cheers, Mometic // Makers of MOMO
@quadten @mometic You are welcome!, Brent!