Momentum for Mac

Make your 2016 New Year’s resolutions stick.

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2016
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Hey Product Hunters! I built Momentum because I wasn’t satisfied with any of the current habit trackers out there. Coming from tracking habits in spreadsheets, I found the available apps to be too cluttered and with a lack of focus on your actual progress. Momentum is dead simple - With a quick glance on your wrist you’ll instantly know if you’re on track towards achieving your goals. It’s this simplicity that sets Momentum apart from the other habit trackers. Feel free to ask me anything. Also let me know if you've got suggestions on how to improve the app. I really appreciate all feedback. Good luck with your 2016 New Year's resolutions!
@matmaeh Unclear what features are supported on Mac, like notes.
Thanks for the feedback @stoweboyd! All features are supported on the Mac including notes. Just right-click on a box (or Force Touch) :)
Correction: Interactive Notifications are iOS 8+ only
@matmaeh Huh? Double finger click, control-click -- nothing seems to lead to notes on Mac.
I found it. Have to double finger click *and hold*! @matmaeh
Best timing to launch possible ;)
Downloading now. This UI on this is great and I love that it is on Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch.
@willfeldman3 I use it on all 3. It's definitely my favourite habit tracker, and I've tried a lot!
Big fan of Momentum already. This is big!
@matmaeh How do I get it to only show in the menu bar? (I've ticked run in background)
@aaran_mcguire Enable "Run in Background" under Preferences, then hit CMD+Q :)
@matmaeh Arrr, great! Would love to see a feature to make habits that happen every x days (Like gym, rest days)... and a reminder feature to remind you to tick it off (or do it)
@aaran_mcguire Thanks! Will definitely look into the different habit schedules. I think a lot of users would like that. Reminders are already implemented. Or did you mean some additional functionality on top of how it currently works? :)
@matmaeh Oh, to be honest I never seen the reminders.. (but also just seen the repeat every x part so thats both of the features I wanted :)) Thanks.