Syncing photos with the Moments app is a private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you didn’t take.
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"The item you've requested is not currently available in the UK Store."
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I wonder what the thinking is behind a US-only launch for an app like this? Can anyone shed some light on this decision?
@jamiemchale @rehatkat They did the same with Paper. It's *still* not available in the UK store :/
And the Facebook constellation grows bigger. I find myself sharing photos to Facebook less often in part because I'm unsure if those in the photo want it shared publicly. Curious to hear what @mulligen from Cluster and @davemorin from Path think of private photo-sharing.
@rrhoover We've been expecting this for a while, since the original TC article about it last year. It's funny, because the video / pitch for moments is identical to what Cluster and a bunch of other apps (I've counted 70+ near-identical apps) have always pitched. They keep coming out because getting photos from other people continues to be an unsolved and compelling problem. Facebook is in a great spot to solve this problem because of their reach. But the biggest challenge with Cluster has been getting people to download another app, so it's a shame Facebook users have to do that here. But the auto-facial recognition might be a carrot enough? I dont know. Seems like another well designed creative labs app, but their other apps haven't instilled confidence in adoption. But we'll see. Private sharing is very very very very hard. And with our research, Facebook is seen as a great place to publicly, not privately share Looking forward to seeing how it does!
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Hey @rrhoover, Sokratis here from Togethera. What you’re describing was one of they key motivations for building Togethera. We just wanted to make it really easy (easy enough for grandparents) to share photos and videos with the people that matter to you, without having to think about privacy at all. Moments seems well-designed, and the use case is definitely there. Curious to see how it takes off and if it can become habit forming.
@rrhoover I agree with @mulligan, I think the biggest obstacle to user adoption will be that the app doesn't work without your friends. So any early adopter will have to convince their circle of friends to download the app to share photos privately. And with previous apps released under creative labs, Facebook doesn't seem to have any post launch acquisition strategy apart from getting a ton of press when the apps are initially released or updated or drop out of the app store ranking. Will be interesting to see this develop :)
@yelebademosi @rrhoover all that said, the onboarding of the app is really smart and i love the Private (my camera roll) vs Public (shared albums) distinction. And the way they prompt you to share photos. Some smart things that I wish we would have done when our app had more of this focus a few years ago.
time to create the "everyone but grandma" group :-)
Smart move by Facebook. This addresses an entire category of startups trying to displace Facebook due to its broad friend model.
Great article by one of the designers explaining how they went about designing Moments
@nikunj @alloralaura is too legit. even from our roots over 5 years ago. #sheepwithjetpacks