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Moments is an app that will help you track the moments that shape our lives in significant ways: The first day of your job, your next vacation, your next travel destination, or any number of events that are important to you. Moments will bring you reminders that these events are coming up to bring a little bit of joy to your day!

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IndieDevEdMaker@ed67184262 · Indie Developer
Hey makers! I’m back with my first monetized product launch! I never really imagined this is where I would end up over a year and three months ago when I quit my stable desk job to travel the world but here we are and I couldn’t be happier. I’m hoping this will be the start to a fruitful career as a maker, and so thank you for any support or suggestions! If you are curious about my story, definitely check out my Medium blog in the links here. Anyway, on to the app: I made Moments as a spiritual successor to my first release: Countdown. I took a hard look at Countdown and saw the potential to change it’s more robotic, utilitarian feel into something more fun and exciting, focusing on bringing out emotions through photos. So I set to work! I hope that I have succeeded in creating an app experience that makes special event tracking much more fun and engaging and one that evokes a positive emotional experience. I’ve been using it to track how long I have until I move to my next country or location, and to track the time left until I go home to family this Christmas. I also have an event that is keeping track of the time since I started traveling the world and when I quit my desk job! It’s fun to me to see exactly down to the second how long it’s been since those events. The target audience for this app is anyone who wants to bring a bit of joy or excitement to their days by looking forward or back! Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear about your experiences with the app! Send any creative special events you are tracking my way. Happy hunting!
Carolyn Mumby
Carolyn Mumby@carolyn_mumby · CEO of Eledecks
Thinking it would create impact when recording phone video of our app. If I record the countdown app counting down and then navigate to the demo of whatever new release we are about to launch.
IndieDevEdMaker@ed67184262 · Indie Developer
@carolyn_mumby interesting idea! That’s sounds cool, I would be all for it.