Momento for iOS

Automatically turn your related photos into GIFs

#3 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2016
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Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
Hi everyone and thank you @erictwillis for hunting us! We created Momento because we were tired from searching a specific photo in our huge photo gallery. Today people have in average 10,000 photos and those numbers are growing rapidly because every social network interested in sharing only the present. With the iOS app we added more abilities to express your photos: stickers, text, effects and more. And we added more share options: Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Instagram. We will continue with our mission to give you the past back.
Amarildo Lucas
Amarildo Lucas@amarildo_lucas · Computer Scientist.
@genadyo simple and beautiful app. No hustle, just all ready to i choose my favorites gifs. I think that see the results fast as possible it's better. 🎉
Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
@amarildo_lucas kudos to @guyisacar for that 😍
Sunny max
Sunny max@sunnyua2u · @Axvibe - attract your vibe✨ free app
Rahul Kapoor
Rahul Kapoor@iamrahulkapoor · Developer by heart but gentle by mind.
Amazing app but it would've been better if you could also include one small tutorial before showing all of the animated photos letting me know what app would do now. Without that it made me think i should better uninstall it.
Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
@rahulkapoor90 Thank you for the feedback, we wanted to show the users the results as fast as possible and that's why we didn't show any on boarding. We will definitely look into it and think about how to make it clear.
James Zhang
James Zhang@jamesfzhang · Polly (YC S17)
This app is amazing. I don't particular enjoy taking out my phone too often and taking photos, but this app might change me! I love how easy it is to tell a story about something I've done. Great job Genady + team.
Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
@jamesfzhang 😍😍😍
Alex Abian
Alex Abian@alexabian · Intl. SysAdmin / Photographer
The way the photos are automatically previewed is pretty amazing. I always shoot multiple images to get a "good" shot and this sometimes leads to unexpectedly funny images. 👌✨
Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
@alexabian Thank you!