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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 18, 2017
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Automagically turns your photos into unforgettable GIFs.

Add filters, stickers, text and amazing effects & share with your family and friends.

Maxim Veksler
Yair Kivaiko
Matt Braun
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  • Ariel Assaraf
    Ariel AssarafCo-founder & CPO - Coralogix

    Simple, great effects, lightweight


    Can't think of anything significant

    Been using it for almost a year after trying different gif apps.

    Ariel Assaraf has used this product for one year.
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Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
Hi @chrismessina, Thank you for the hunt! It's been a busy and amazing year working on Momento but the mission is the same, help people be creative and make GIFs. The current release is a huge update with stability and performance improvements and the long wanted trim feature. Now with iOS 11 it’s possible to leverage the depth data taken with the iPhone 7 & 8 Plus and now Momento will add cool AR effects in the background! This is only the start, so many things are coming soon.
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@genadyo super cool! 😎
Daryl Lau
Daryl Lau@daryllau ·
Praying for Momento on Android :D
Lewis Bertolucci
Lewis Bertolucci@lewis502 · Founder, Sellyhoo - Selling made simple.
Just downloaded and messed with it for a bit... a fantastic experience so far. Simple, easy and nice effects added in seconds. This will def. be one of my new go-to apps for one of the accounts I manage. Love how you take advantage of the new iOS 11 features (bounce, loop, etc.) & depth effect integration! It would be cool to be able to add your own "AR Image" and it'd be nice if additional effects were added corresponding with holidays (i.e. Halloween, fall, etc.). Likely all things you've already thought about and require time and effort. Keep up the great work!
Genady Okrain
Genady OkrainMaker@genadyo · Founder at @MomentoGIFs
@lewis502 Wow, amazing feedback. Definitely looking into Halloween, Christmas etc! Stay tuned :)
Ariel Assaraf
Ariel Assaraf@arielassaraf · Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Been using Momento for almost a year now, it is by far the best way to create and share gifs, and the new AR feature is lit! keep up with the awesome work!
Yair Kivaiko
Yair Kivaiko@kobaiko · CEO, Rahav Media
Being using this since the first beta. I LOVE it and use it daily. This is by far the best Gif app ever!