Momento 3

The smart private journal that captures your life story.

Momento is a smart private journal that stays up to date effortlessly. Capture and collect moments to explore, relive and share your life story.

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Always been a big fan of Momento. Love the modern look and looking forward to using the new version 3 thingies. Glad to see Momento for iPad and Apple Watch are up next. Especially the iPad version.
@t55 Thanks for hunting Ton! Great to hear :)
Hello fellow hunters! I’m excited to introduce Momento 3! Momento has come a long way since we first launched in 2010 and over the years we have learned a great deal about how people have used Momento to record, remember and improve their lives. We have re-designed and re-built Momento from the ground up to create a richer and smarter journaling experience. Each step of capturing, remembering and sharing your life story has been carefully re-crafted to make it easier and more immersive. I’d love to hear your thoughts and I'm here to answer any questions!
I liked the last version of Momento, but was disappointed by the stagnant development, and stuck with Day One. I'm glad to see a new version finally release. But we waited for years for an iPad version of Momento 2 that was supposedly "on the way." Now we need to buy a new version, and the iPad version is still not available? Is it actually coming this time? Will this be a universal app or will we need to buy another app? How about Mac?
@sterlingz Hey Sterling. We’ve been focussed on this major update for some time now, alongside the iPad app and sync. It was a much bigger task than we initially expected and it has certainly had its fair share of challenges along the way, some of which unfortunately set us back to the drawing board. Momento 3 lays some fresh foundations that provide the freedom and flexibility for us to build more and build faster. With so many changes under the hood we’ve had to focus on the core features at present and we have a lot more exciting things to come — The iPad app is complete and currently being tested whilst we finalise sync. Momento for iPad will be universal and a free update for all Momento 3 users — A Mac app is something we’d love to do in the future but we have plenty to keep us busy in the meantime.
@oliverwaters Thanks for the response. I went ahead and purchased - beautiful work. Glad to see the platform is alive, and look forward to seeing the other versions, especially Apple Watch.
I've been a Momento user since 2010 and this new version is fantastic. The team at d3i craft some truly elegant and refined products and Momento 3 is no different. As a small, indie team I appreciate the time they put into their work to get every detail right. The level of polish is evident from the welcome screens through to the Settings. Really fantastic work and I'm looking forward to trying it on my iPad (and dreaming of a Mac version down the road).
@jordanborth Thanks Jordan! Much appreciated. Great to hear you're enjoying the new version!
Is there an alternative for Android with an integration of social networks and apps? I need a state-of-the-art lifelogging app.