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@dominicgoulet - what is the story here? What makes Momenteo stand out above others similar?
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for asking! Momenteo is an accounting tool -- which mean in the end we output double entries for your accountant like he expects to. What special about it is that we managed to broke down freelancer accounting to a simple question: what have you done today? Using a calendar, you input what work you have done, any expenses you made and travels you did. From that, we generate all you need - invoices, tax report, accounting reports, reminders to your clients, online payment forms, etc. Our goal is to keep it that simple. Momento was originally a tool I developed for myself when I was a freelancer. It eventually grew into its current shape. I won't spam the full story here, I wrote a quick article about how it happened:
@dominicgoulet nice I'll have to take a closer look :) - just need to be more organised with my calendar it seems haha
@bentossell Nice! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out either here, in-app support chat (I'll make sure to be the one to answer you!) or Twitter!
@dominicgoulet, so glad to see Momenteo featured on PH's awesome community. It always feels good to see startups from our Québec City hometown making some noise online. Like many others, I read your origin story blog post yesterday (congrats on the HN front page feature btw). Now that I know Momenteo's inspiring roots and where it comes from, I can't help but ask: where is it going? Where do you see Momenteo in, say, two years? I'd love to know a bit more about your vision for the product! Cheers and congrats again. :)
@the_fln Thanks for the kind words! Most importantly, We plan on addressing the #1 freelancer pain: getting paid. A lot of freelancers (about 50%) suffered last year from late payments and overdue invoices. We have a great plan to address this issue in a more clever way than just allowing you to be paid by credits card which *should* get you paid faster! We also have plans to improve collaboration between the freelancer and his accountant. We currently have an accountant's portal, but we know there is a lot much more we can do than share the data between the two of them.
Really appreciate this product. Ingenious way to capture input from the user ('what did you do today' vs. journal entries). Definitely valuable for any freelancer.
@eyaltoledano Thanks for the good review! We'll make sure to keep it that simple while increasing value for our freelancers!
@dominicgoulet, I tried Zoho in the past as a freelancer and now am using Xero for the company. Will look into Mementeo's features for sure if I get freelancing work again. With Zoho, I truly had problems, Xero works well but is kind of expensive for a freelancer. Late payment is always a problem, super curious to see how you'll address this :)
@martinroldan Thanks for the input! Xero is a fantastic system for SMB, but as a freelancer you probably use only a part of it and what you don't use is most probably getting in the way. Our goal is exactly that: provide what a freelancer needs. Nothing more, nothing less. At the right price.

Very usefull for self employed.


Usefull, time saver


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