Share your memories & events, with a physical keepsake!

Momenta is a mobile app that pairs with personalized keychains and pendants that allow you to save and share your life’s unique memories and events!

Thanks for hunting @stirman @markmakes please tell us more of the story behind Momenta 🙂
@abadesi Momenta started several years ago when Jason got together with my cofounder Travis to see if they could build a physical product that unlocked a unique virtual environment. Jason got busy with his startup Lucid and Travis and I connected to see if there was value behind connecting a unique physical object to the virtual world. Originally, the idea was to have a powered wearable that allowed private access to a chat room or file repository, but we pivoted to a non-powered wearable that had a memorable and easily shareable code that could be given a combination of unique privacy settings like proximity, geofencing, and longevity parameters.