Moment Lens v1

Amazing Lenses for Mobile Photography

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@Noah_L I'm a backer and can't wait for my lens to arrive soon. I love how transparent this team is. they wrote a fantastic retrospective about how they raised $450k on kickstarter:
Came across the Moment lenses from @moment and @marcbarros. They are essentially building the Nikon/Cannon of the digital age, enabling people to take professional quality photos using their existing smartphones. I really like their sense of design and am looking forward to checking out the physical lenses. Curious who else purchased via their Kickstarter (looks like a ton of people pre-ordered).
@eric3000 how did you first hear about it?
@Noah_L I believe I saw a tweet by Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz) that he backed it. I was drawn in by their video and clear passion/wisdom of the team.
Thanks guys, we definitely appreciate the support! What's crazy is this thread already brought a lot of new visitors in a few days. So awesome!
@marcbarros As a mentioned above, really appreciate how transparent you and your team has been about your process. I've cited that post about how to raise on Kickstarter to a student I had who wanted to Kickstart a card game. It's incredibly helpful. Can't wait to start taking photos with my Moment lens!
@eric3000 I'm really happy that article was helpful! And thanks for backing the project.