Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript

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One of my least favorite parts of coding is working with timezones, date/time formatting and localization... Momentjs solves all this and more. One of my favorite features is its inbuilt "humanization" of duration (and customizable thresholds) like "a day ago" or "in 5 minutes." It has powerful parsing, amazing abbreviation support and awesome locales. I could not recommend this more.
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I'm surprised this library just got featured. It's been one of my favorites libraries for a long while.
Best javascript library for manipulating dates hands down.
I love moment.js and use it all the time. However, I must ask: What's new about it? It's been around for a lot of time. Isn't there a submission guideline that require stuff to be new?
I hate dates. Watch is set to 1 second past the epoch.