Moment Drone Collection

Anamorphics, filters, and cases for your drone

Introducing Moment Air. Anamorphics, filters, and cases for drones Juicy flares, true black bars, and that wide screen can now capture drone shots with a cinematic quality. Drone flying will never be the same.
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hey everyone, we're really excited about this new gear. we've been working on this project the last nine months, trying to make drones better for filmmakers and photographers. we started with the lens because anamoprhic, wide screen video on drones was either super expensive or faked. in making of the lens we realized that the filters on the market could be better. the carrying cases weren't practical to sticking your drone in your backpack. and none of the phone cases fixed. we wanted to fix all of that with moment affordable anamorphic, lighter better drone filters, backpack friendly carrying cases, and a super thin iphone case to fit your controller. we put this project back on kickstarter for our 5th campaign. ks is where we started and we always take our biggest projects back to the community. i'm happy to answer questions about the gear or about building a consumer startup. we have hardware, software, and services. we've raised minimal capital and have grown with profits. thanks for the support! marc
While of course the product and launch are as dialed as ever, my favorite part about what I saw was the very last line item on the page: "For 2019 and onward, we have committed to measure our schedule 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions and then offset them by purchasing carbon offsets. We will continue to look for ways to reduce our footprint as well." Thanks for this @marcbarros! Hoping this further sets the precedent for other companies to take a stance and be actionable around. More important than ever.
I'd scoop this up if I had a drone HAHA. It's so well thought out and looks amazing. Well done Moment team!
I use their lenses for taking photos and shooting videos and it's awesome! Looks like I've got to get a Mavic to use this stuff, too.