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Really cool idea. Absolutely amazing, and one of the reason (for me): because it's reduces the need to look at the watch, if I understand the idea correctly. In other words users can quickly learn how to use it and use without look. It means less destruction, less stuff to learn (because there is no complex UI), more free time to yourself. I believe that future of gadgets is the future with devices that take less of our time, distract less. Not sure I like the design, but I hope you will improve it over the time. Anyway I love the idea and wish you guys big success ;)
@deepdeviant Awesome to hear that you're so excited about what we're doing. We're definitely all very passionate about looking for ways that technology can enhance our lives without detracting from them. We're excited to have a lot of great feedback from our backers to help us figure out ways to improve Moment 😄
@jakerockland love your Idea! We must already know Time Well Spent movement.. That's definitely our next wanted interactions: seamless and instinctive. Hope that the community will take pleasure with your SDK and that we will start designing valuable interactions with our technology! Have a great journey ;)
@mickatouillaud We're definitely excited about the future of seamless and screenless tech! 😄
Hey everyone! Moment is the first device that communicates entirely through your sense of touch. It gives you a tactile metronome, invisible caller ID, silent GPS navigation, and tactile timers. Feel free to comment with any questions or feedback-- we'll get back to you as soon as we can! ❤️😄
This is a very neat idea but will depend a lot on execution. My question is, with so many potential patterns, will it be hard to differentiate among them? What if I miss a haptic beat and get confused? I imagine that can be like reading morse code in the dark... Does the display communicate?
@davidsfeng The human brain is remarkable in its ability to quickly pick up and differentiate new sensory input. The sensations we've designed are intuitive right out of the box, but over time you'll find yourself paying almost no attention to them at all-- you'll simply understand the information being conveyed. If you'd like to learn more, check out this page:
@ajaykarpur that's pretty awesome. It's one of those things you really have to try in order to understand. Looking forward to this.
@kay0stheory SIte is back up now! We had a temporary issue, but it should be fixed now.
This seems great combination of hardware and software to improve personal senses. Great to see ASU students are developing awesome product.