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Andrew Lin
Andrew Lin@andrewrlin · Founder KingForADay, Tip
So awesome! Love the execution here.
John Shin
John ShinMaker@j_hnshin · Design @remindhq
@andrewrlin Thanks! High five on the help and tips. Your advice has been invaluable.
John Shin
John ShinMaker@j_hnshin · Design @remindhq
Hey Product Hunt! We just launched Moment and we’re excited to have you use it. My partners, @cjreynoldsflatt, @adamputinski, and I have been working these last few months on an alternate chatting app that more embodies the lively conversations we have today. We wanted something that doesn’t require emails or phone numbers to use, remembers only the most recent message, and mimics the pace and rhythm of natural conversations. We dig the community here so we look forward to your feedback and support! I’ll be around to answer any questions, too. Cheers!