Moment 2.0

Make your iPhone 7/7+ a better camera

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I've known Marc and the team since they started on a piece of paper. I'm really excited for the team and how far they've come! I have been using Moment 1.0 forever and as a result, I am super excited about the new version of lenses and the entire kit. I am glad to finally have the Moment come to my iPhone7+, my most often used camera for making everyday photos. (Follow me on Instagram @om )
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@om hi Om! Thanks for the share 😄 I have seen their products mention frequently on YouTube. They have certainly built a strong brand. I wonder what is the long term vision for their products and also how they would compete with tremendous competition coming from overseas. Thanks again🙏
@darrenlee the "amazon brands" are gaining more and more voice as amazon shows that price matters more than anything else. key for us to continue to build great products and deeply understand our customers. we're three years in and it definitely takes a lot of time to really build a strong, profitable foundation.
@marcbarros thanks for the reply. Great products and keep up the great work.
Hey Product Hunt community! We are excited to be launching the next chapter for @moment. We've always believed that the phone is a camera and today we're taking one more step forward to realizing that vision. With this announcement we're introducing three new products. Battery Photo Case - the first battery case for people who love photography. As a battery case it gives you plenty of power (2500 mAh and 3500 mAh battery) and advanced power controls. As a photography case we include an electronic DSLR shutter button, ability to attach a lens, and a camera strap attachment. This is the first case to combine power and photography together. Photo Case - the first minimal case for people who use their phone as a camera. Its he thinnest possible case that still allows you to attach a lens and a strap when you want to go shoot. New Wide Lens - the best lens we've ever made. An aspherical lens design that captures stunning image quality edge to edge. Moment App - new features coming to our capture app to support the battery case and more advanced shooting controls. Working on burst and better focus locking on moving subjects to make one handed shooting easier. Why Kickstarter - even though we are three years in, we believe you should crowdfund every new product before manufacturing. Especially with this many new products, the costs to make these products is incredibly high. It also forces us to make sure customers care. It's easy to convince yourself when designing and engineering that customers will buy it. Happy to answer more questions the community has about building hardware, mobile photography, moment, etc.
@marcbarros Curious: will you still offer/develop the lens mounting plate going forward?
@maguay first we focused on the thin photo case because it delivers a much bette customer experience with a slightly larger lens interface that locks. the metal on metal plates can wear over time. next we are looking how non case users can put the lens on and off but won't be an adhered plate solution. will probably be an on/off solution.
@marcbarros an on/off solution sounds good. I'll look forward to seeing what you make by the time I'm ready to upgrade :)
Hate to be a negative Nancy, but my personal experience with Moment (for the iPhone 6+) has been hugely disappointing. The app was so slow, it was unusable - it took several seconds to take a photo. Then, the lenses started disconnecting and falling off the case. One got so badly damaged that it was unusable afterwards, one fell off my boat while sailing and ended up in Lake Ontario. Customer support at Moment basically shrugged and did nothing to replace either the product or refund the money. With the $400 I could have bought another camera. Hopefully this version will be better quality.
@andreasduess Ugh that is ugly. We made this case a lot better by using lightning instead of bluetooth so no connection issues. Also redesigned the lens interface on both the lens and case so its stronger and clicks into place, no more metal on metal. App also has gotten a lot faster over time. You can see all the improvements made here: Found your customer service email, will send you a note. That's not the kind of service we're known for.
@marcbarros @andreasduess I also had some issues with the lenses not staying on properly and with the app being a bit blow. Honestly, I just continued to use VSCOCAM as it's my preferred camera app for iPhone. But, when I contacted Moment about the lens issue as well as the camera strap breaking, they were extremely responsive and said they would send a replacement with zero issues. They asked for photos of the lens to identify the problem (whether it was the case or lens). Just wanted to confirm with Marc's statement that it might have been a lapse in customer service and not the norm, from my experience.
@flowsion @marcbarros I am sure that's the case - somebody from support contacted me - however, my last email to them was days ago and they've gone quiet again.
@andreasduess yeah we emailed you on the 7th, you replied on the 8th, we will reply today. that was yesterday, one day.
Does portrait mode work with the moment lenses?
@maxrehkopf unforunately no. it works when shooting with one lens or the other but portrait mode
Congrats to the @Moment team for the launch of their new Kickstarter campaign with new treats for us iPhonographers! I've had the pleasure of backing all of their KS launches and they never fail to deliver. Looking forward to the slim & sexy photo case! Kudos Marc & team!