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Taking the dollar shave club approach to oral care it seems. The thing that strikes me initially is that I'm not sure a toothbrush can be grouped similar to a razor. I could be completely wrong... I feel that oral care is a lot more important than hair on your face, and you should spend time and money on making sure your toothbrush is good for you and that you change it regularly. The brushes on the site look very basic and almost like the ones I'd use as a kid - which wouldnt do my mouth much justice now. It may just be me but Im not sure this approach is the right one. I'd rather have a premium toothbrush, replaced every 2/3 months on a rolling subscription for a higher price.
@bentossell Hey Ben! Great points you make but I think you would be surprised when it comes to the brush, it can handle whatever your mouth is dishing out. We talked to a TON of dental professionals, a lot of them are concerned with wear and abrasion. So the trick is making something that cleans effectively while still being soft enough to not cause damage. We think we have done that. The charcoal bristles we use are thinner and softer than traditional nylon toothbrushes. In terms of wanting a more premium experience, my advice is to buy a Sonicare brush, then let me ship you the replacement heads for it!
dollar shave club, for toothbrushes? they're offering product hunters 40% off the first subscription order with the code "ph40" here's a video they made:
@_jacksmith Discount code does not work for me.
@zefareu I tweeted you directly in response to this question. hope that helps.
@_jacksmith Discount code does not work for me either.
I like the minimalist approach to a toothbrush subscription service. The low price and simple product definitely stands out, but sometimes people can correlate price with trustworthiness. I hope that won't be an issue for you guys. Also, as a Kelowna kid, much love to my BC brothers!
@allthingsmarco Hey Marco, I agree pricing things is hard. We wanted to make a super high quality brush but keep the price point low. We are only a month old but the feedback we are getting from customers is pretty great (I know, I know, what else am I going to say?!) And I hope this isn't a deal breaker but we are from Alberta... my sister lives in Kelowna though.
@uphillmma ALBERTA!? Lol I've spent a lot of time there, so you're all good with me. I'm excited to try your product out in the near future. (pretty early in the current toothbrush cycle)
How does this compare to quip? https://www.producthunt.com/tech... (also, how do you embed links? I can't figure it out for the life of me)
@maxwellhallel we sell floss? Does that count? I'm joking... sorry its early. Quip and us are two sides of the same coin. I think they are a great product. We just have different approaches to the same market, We are trying to service existing users of electric toothbrushes (we currently sell replacement heads for Sonicare, Oral B coming soon), while quip has their own unique hardware. Bottom line is those are smart dudes who are killing it and I am thrilled to be mentioned as a potential "little brother" to those guys!
Hey Product Hunt! We started from the bottom now we're here! Molr's mission to send you simple, well designed oral health care products exactly when you need them. We aren't big on gimmicks, just good design and service. Like we say in the video we don't care if you use a manual brush, or an electric (Sonicare for now, Oral B coming soon), the important thing is that you use your brush and change it regularly. We can help with that. I'll be here all day to answer any questions, in the interest of time I will answer the one I get all the time. Yes, it was challenging trying to tell my Grandma that I sell toothbrushes on the internet. Thanks!