Mollie Recurring

A solution for collecting customer payments recurrently.

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Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
Mollie is a payments company based in Amsterdam. Because we really care about customer experience we're working on several new products. Today we're releasing 'Recurring', automatic payments for subscriptions, credit top-ups, and more. Mollie Recurring is an elegant yet powerful solution for collecting customer payments recurrently.
Kasper Hägele@kazper · ecommerce / customer care / marketing
Mollie has a great momentum here, after launching the Checkout earlier. Recurring payments are really a new playing field, empowering merchants far beyond the possibilities offered by banks. Power to the merchants!
Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
@kazper thank you for the kind words. 😘
Lucy Eind@lucyeind · Lucy Productionz
I love Mollie and the way they innovate on the Dutch/European market. I am a long time customer of theirs and was waiting forever for this recurring functionality to launch. I love it! Thanks Mollie!!
Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
@lucyeind No problem! I'm glad you like it. 🙂
Dan Fennessy@dan_fennessy · Founder at Party with a Local
Nice guys, we were literally talking about how we needed this feature this morning, now it's live just as we need it! :-) We've been using Mollie for @partywithalocal for the last month and we are really happy. We especially chose Mollie as most of our transactions so far are coming from people in Netherlands, so we needed to support iDEAL. Mollie was easy to implement, well documented, fast support & low transaction fees.
Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
@dan_fennessy @partywithalocal Glad you like it! Let us know if you need any help with the implementation or with anything else. 😊
Nicolas Spehler@nspehler · Co-founder,
Too bad they don't support American Express. Also, they have a 0.25€ fee for refunds, which also makes Stripe more advantageous.
Jaap van Nes@jaapvannes · Co-founder
@nspehler Dealing with Stripe's disputes makes me want to switch very, very badly. $15 per dispute or failed, kind of feels like the old banks...
Adriaan MolMaker@adriaan_mol
@nspehler Big difference is that we also support local payment methods in Europe like SEPA Direct Debit. Mollie suits better for European needs.
Nicolas Spehler@nspehler · Co-founder,
@jaapvannes I'm never had disputes, so I guess it won't be an issue until it actually happens. But then, I'll probably just refund the money before the customer files a dispute with their bank...
Nicolas Spehler@nspehler · Co-founder,
@adriaanmol I guess I'm not in an industry where the customers would prefer direct debit as opposed to a recurring credit card transaction. Plus, direct debit is immediate, when most customers have a 30 to 60-day differed debit with their credit cards.
Adriaan MolMaker@adriaan_mol
@nspehler Think so, if you compare our pricing with SlimPay you'll notice our solution and pricing is very competitive: