Mollie Checkout

A modern payment checkout with local payment methods

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We're a payments company based in Amsterdam. Because we really care about customer experience we're working on several new products. Here is a preview of the new 'checkout' which we released last week. Mollie checkout provides you with an easy to implement, user-friendly and beautiful way to pay.
@gielcobben Great to see the hard work pay off! Congratulations!
@gielcobben Hi, I got a fair way into the onboarding process and then it says "You have to be registered with your local chamber of commerce". That's pretty odd. Is that a translation issue, or do you really need me to join one to use your service? Here's my local chamber of commerce website (!)
Totally great service and great experience with the company. They have a great portal and provide a wordpress module for free too.
@wraldpyk Thanks for the kind words :) Go to to see all modules, including the Wordpress modules.
Awesome guys! Big fan of Mollie ❤️
Which countries do you support (for merchants)?
@anant_garg Currently we're focussing on the European market. But we're also processing a lot for US companies that need local payment methods here in Europe.