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A modern payment checkout with local payment methods

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Giel Cobben
Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
We're a payments company based in Amsterdam. Because we really care about customer experience we're working on several new products. Here is a preview of the new 'checkout' which we released last week. Mollie checkout provides you with an easy to implement, user-friendly and beautiful way to pay.
Jonathan Knegtel
Jonathan Knegtel@jpknegtel · Building
@gielcobben Great to see the hard work pay off! Congratulations!
Giel Cobben
Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
Thanks @jpknegtel :)
Stef Lewandowski
Stef Lewandowski@stef · Founder, Makelight
@gielcobben Hi, I got a fair way into the onboarding process and then it says "You have to be registered with your local chamber of commerce". That's pretty odd. Is that a translation issue, or do you really need me to join one to use your service? Here's my local chamber of commerce website (!)
Rene Pot
Rene Pot@wraldpyk · Developer Evangelist @ Appcelerator
Totally great service and great experience with the company. They have a great portal and provide a wordpress module for free too.
Giel Cobben
Giel CobbenMaker@gielcobben · Design at
@wraldpyk Thanks for the kind words :) Go to to see all modules, including the Wordpress modules.
Remmelt van Tol
Remmelt van Tol@remmeltvantol · All-round creative.
Awesome guys! Big fan of Mollie ❤️
Anton.Bal@amstb1 · Content Manager@Jimmy Joy
Anant Garg
Anant GargHiring@anant_garg · Founder @,
Which countries do you support (for merchants)?
Adriaan Mol
Adriaan MolHunter@adriaan_mol
@anant_garg Currently we're focussing on the European market. But we're also processing a lot for US companies that need local payment methods here in Europe.