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Mollie enables businesses to accept local payment methods with ease. You can compare us a bit with Stripe, but with better local payment methods, thus better conversion for your European visitors.
Hot site, congrats on the launch. What's in a name? I find it quite amusing reading: "I've been using mollie for a few years now" :)
Have been using Mollie for a few years now. Works really well - great API, docs and tools. Also, the new website looks great!
In all seriousness, a name change might be worth considering. It would be a shame for if people did not take an awesome product seriously because of a slang drug reference.
@andythegiant Don't change. Adults can handle this.
@thetylerhayes the "do you have Mollie" marketing campaign has very limited legs. Do change.
Just signed up. I'll test this against Stripe for a new project this week. The Dashboard is in German, how do I change this?
@felixog_ From origin Mollie is a Dutch pionier in online payments. We're working on releasing our new Dashboard very soon. It will be released in a private beta in the next few weeks. This Dashboard will be multi-langual and has a lot more features. It's build fully on our API's with ReactJS. Unfortunately the best you can use now is Google Translate. Let me know if you have any questions or if we can help you through main-while.
@felixog_ So to be clear; (for now) the Dashboard is in Dutch, not in German.
@paetor @adriaanmol got it. Thanks