The world’s first molecular air purifier

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We eat organic food & drink purified water, but we’re stuck breathing air with mold, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. The guys at Molekule spent 20 years researching this problem and came up with an air purifier that breaks pollutants down at a molecular level. Check out some really cool new science here, and a great product for cleaning air indoors.
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Thanks for hunting us Eric! Excited to finally launch Molekule, the world's first molecular air purifier. The EPA states indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. Pollutants are trapped inside where they concentrate and multiply to harmful levels. For people like me with asthma and allergies, we’re constantly at the mercy of poor air quality. After 20 years of R&D, we’ve invented a technology that completely eliminates airborne allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and gaseous chemicals (VOCs) and breaks them down to trace amounts of harmless elements like water and carbon dioxide. It’s not just me, 22 allergy sufferers who beta tested our device reported declined symptoms to the range of non allergy sufferers within just a week of usage. We want to be open about all of our data and have shared our beta study, performance data against a range of pollutants and comparison to other technologies on our website. We're eager for your feedback/questions & would love for you to be a part of our limited launch batch. Please use the coupon ‘PRODUCTHUNT50’ to get an additional $50 off on our launch price.
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@swamidigital 20 years of your personal R&D?
@rueter Hi Steven, my father, Dr. Yogi Goswami began researching the technology in the 90s because I was suffering from asthma and allergies. He is a well known researcher in the field of solar energy, and at the time was researching a technology for water purification that was applied at Tyndall Air Force Base. He was able to apply it to the purification of air, but it took 20 years of research to improve the efficiency to the point where it could make a significant impact on indoor air pollution. I have worked with him over the last five years on improving efficiency, working on the manufacturing process, and later commercializing the product. This blog post can give you some more insight into the process:
@rueter @swamidigital Sounds like 20 years of his father's research at university. Dilip is continuing the work.
@swamidigital that's awesome. Any intentions for commercial application?
@rueter We definitely have plans down the road. We wanted to bring out the consumer device first because we knew how many people suffer every day. Having been there myself, and talking to asthma and allergy sufferers anxious for this so often, we were compelled to start here.
My son has asthma and my wife has dust allergies. I can vouch first hand for the efficacy of the Molekule device as we have benefited from testing one of the beta units in our respective bedrooms for months now. That also led us at SoftTech to lead the seed round of the company, which will deliver a much needed relief to millions of people suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies and exposure to pollutants.
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@jeffclavier Don't ask to upvote ;) it's against PH community rules It's a cool enough product, it will be on front page and will get loads of attention don't worry :)
@picsoung thanks for the tip!
The founders Jaya and Dilip were one of the founder teams I mentored at Highway 1. I have to say (sorry Dilip :) that when they first presented the technology to me, it sounded a bit too good to be true. After working with them for many months seeing the lab results and hearing directly from beta testers how transformative the (quite rough) beta units were to them, I began to believe in the potential. Almost a year later, I’m sitting next to Jaya and Dilip as I write this, incredibly excited to have joined them full-time as CMO to bring this technology to the world.
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A great air purifier. I was one of the beta testers and felt a significant difference in better breathing at night with this in my bedroom. I have asthma and I am highly sensitive to any and all particles in air. I slept better by breathing better. Thank you Molekule.
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@mark_doerrier Thanks so much for participating in our beta study Mark. Glad to hear you were able to sleep better with our tech!