A tool to visualise Mac shortcuts

Mokey is a tool to visualise Mac shortcuts.

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So this app just displays what buttons I pressed on my keyboard?
Can't understand what this does 😖
what does this do?
I don't get what the application do. The product page doesn't explain it that well
Errr, On ProductHunt page, I do not find any text field like "Description" to explain what this app can do in detail. Actually, the tagline already tells whole story. :P But, it's definitely better to provide some scenarios people may find its value: 1. Suppose you are a designer or a programmer like me, and you're recording cool video tutorial on you Mac, using a powerful professional applications, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Xcode, you name it. Those applications have a bunch of shortcuts. As a pro, you can use those shortcuts fluently and that's a good example for your subscribers. 2. Now, you're a programmer working on some cool functions before deadline. Time is short, your fingers are typing fast like an octopus's tentacles, you can not use mouse, it is for bird‘s claw and just drags you down. The visual response on screen will strengthen your impression on your everyday tool, and in turn, save your time. 3. Now, you're a new user on Mac, can not remember the exact position of 'command', 'control' or 'option', always press wrong modifier key when trying to use some shortcut. The visual response on screen saves you from looking down on keyboard and improves muscle memory. 4... In short, for people willing to fully ultilize shortcuts and save time, this app maybe a little gem for them.
@cool8jay would be EXTREMELY valuable if you added shortcut suggestions like how Hotkey EVE did/does
@cool8jay just purchased and found that I can't change my Caps Lock key to be the Hyper key ( I've set it to be. Can you please add support for this? And maybe also an exclusion list so it doesn't display common ones like cmd + c, cmd + v, etc. ?
@anodigital HotkeyEVE is a cool tool. I will research on it (promoting shortcut).
@anodigital Mokey's goal is displaying shortcut from keyboard, key mapping is not its core function. An exclusion list is sure an upcoming feature.
@cool8jay right, but if users have custom shortcuts set then Mokey us of zero value for shortcut keys that have been simplified with a Hyper key (it's the same as CMD+ctrl+ alt+shift but with the caps lock key assigned to those 4 keys so u don't have to stretch my fingers). This should be supported for sure.