World's smallest 4K camera, aka the "GoPro killer"

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It might be 4k but only at 15fps which isn't really usable, is it? Wonder why it doesn't film at 2.7k at 30fps?
@bennesvig The Mokacam team has just launched their second generation Mokacam Alpha which records in 4K at 30fps. You can find out more here:
This camera is insanely cool and totally kicked butt on its Indiegogo funding goal! GoPro is definitely going to have to watch their backs when the Mokacam hits mainstream markets!
The motion sensor is the coolest part here, I think. Are there any GoPro add-ons that let you use a motion sensor?
The snap-on battery back is a solid idea. My biggest gripe with the Hero4 Session was how often I needed to recharge when filming for extended periods.
wow, looks like a real GoPro killer! nice work!