The app that rewards safe driving

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Would love for folks to give the app a try and report back on your phone usage after a few days. What do you notice about your driving? Are you using the phone less as a result?
Hey Product Hunt - psyched to finally share Mojo here! If you've been on the roads lately, you've noticed that we have a big problem: drivers staring at their phones instead of at the road. And as a result, we've got traffic fatality rates on the rise for the first time in 50 years in the US. While there's lots of energy pouring into this issue, most approaches to date have taken a fear-based approach ("You know what'll happen if you text and drive? You'll DIE!") and are based on pledges ("I will stop texting") that are hard to quantify. Enter Mojo which uses *positive* behavior modification techniques to motivate people to put the phone down. You'll earn a spin on the prize wheel for every 300 distraction-free minutes - and users compete against friends on the leaderboard. You can level up for your total distraction-free minutes, and the app provides helpful encouragement via post-trip push notifications along the way. This is all built on top of TrueMotion's driving analytics platform that leverages machine learning algorithms to automatically detect driving, measure distraction (across iOS and Android), and know whether you're the driver in a car (with very high accuracy). Have a play with the app and let us know what you think!