Emoji reactions & social share buttons for your site

Take a look at Mojirater version 1.0 and let us know what you think! All feedback and ideas are appreciated. Mojirater is an easy way to add emoji reactions and social share buttons to your website. The Free plans offer 3 emoji sets to choose from and Pro plans allow full customization and the ability to use any emoji you like. Test it out on our homepage. Anyone who shops via the Product Hunt link will get 50% off (through May 15th). The first handful of users with Mojirater live on their site will get upgraded to Pro for free by simply emailing and showing us the domain you installed it on.
Looks cool.
@recal1brate Thanks Ryan. It's easy to customize to match the blog's content. A food blogger could include 🍴 to indicate something looks good or a music site could include 🔊. Lots of options for creativity and a good way for content producers to get some feedback.
Interested to try this one out. Just waiting on the verification email.
@eddietomalin Hey Eddie, send me a quick email so I can help you out!
@eddietomalin We upgraded you to Pro on both accounts and activated them. You should be able to login and install now to test. If you have any questions, send them my way.
Voting and reactions are meh on so many sites... this is really cool, i dig it!
@landforce Thanks! With a wide variety of emojis to choose from, we think this can be a fun addition to a lot of sites.