MojiLaLa Unlimited for iMessage

32,000 original stickers by 450+ artists all over the world.

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This is the future. The Netflix for Stickers. Come and bath in the glory that these stickers will bring your family and friends. All in one place.
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@writerpollock Yesss. Let's make it easier to send more original emojis to one another. One app that does it all for emoji sending!
Maybe its an 'outside of US' thing but I rarely use iMessage over Whatsapp ... and if I do use iMessage I'm not much (at all) of a sticker user. I wonder what the typical age of a sticker user is? I'd imagine teen but thats obviously a guess - and if it is the younger audience, don't they tend to use other messaging platforms over iMessage (like Snpachat, Kik, etc) I really wonder how the Sticker game will pan out and whether it has legs. But one place to find thousands of stickers makes sense for sticker lovers!
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@bentossell thx, you are right. It is slowing becoming a US thing too. We just learned that 6B emojis + stickers sent a day, and we asked our designers in our community to design stickers for US.
@bentossell a great article about imessage game.
@bentossell We have another app MojiLaLa with additional keyboard for users who want to use other chat apps and still use our emoji keyboard to send these cool emojis. We have that covered ;) The native experience for an iMessage App like MojiLaLa Unlimited works smoothly within the new sticker marketplace in iMessage and really broadens the experience to all sorts of ages and people who use the iphone.
From: @luckyloberg Hey PH fans, So excited to launch MojiLaLa Unlimited to everyone who loves texting, and looking for a fun new way to send original emojis to family and friends. No longer do you have to bother with searching, buying, and downloading multiple sticker/emoji packs. And how boring is it use the same stickers over and over again. We've solved all these problems! This is the ultimate emoji app that allows you to drag and drop individual stickers, even amazing animated emojis, to any text message without having the burden of downloading, scrolling, finding and reusing the same packages. You get 10k+ refreshing new and original stickers from artists all over the world. And you can find the perfect emoji that best expresses you and what you want to say. Hope this makes your text messages 10x cooler :) We love this app and if you're a texter, you will also enjoy the most diverse and refreshing emojis you've ever seen. MojiLaLa is a personal challenge of ours as we were struggling to find a universal emoji app. Now with MojiLaLa Unlimited, we've found the solution lots of texting fans will be excited about.
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Nice one! Love it :)
@tony_freed Thanks!! Hopefully your text messages can get a bit more creative ;)
Using stickers in messaging is so much fun but the biggest challenge is that finding high-quality sticker about different topics. It looks like MojiLaLa Unlimited provides that. I follow the project. Good luck ;)
@kcaliskan Thanks Kaan! More topics and different emojis every day :)