Facebook Messenger chatbot game

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I don't understand this at all, but I do like the music in the video.
Thanks for the hunt @samschmir and hey Hunters! MojiHunt is a chatbot game where players interact with gifs using emojis (for example, you can kill the BOSS using 💣 bomb and 🔫 gun emojis). We got around 300K users in 2 months. You can read more about our small journey here: We’re still learning and experimenting so I'd love to hear all your feedback! Leo
I played the first levels and I found it very entertaining and fun! The Boss Area was hilarious 😂 BTW you should alert about profanity to keep the game safe for kids. Kudos!
@new_user_b261dabcbb Thank you for your feedback! Sure, will put an alert about it ;)