Snapchat meets Slack

Hey all, mojicam was born during an internal hackathon. We wanted to make it more fun to react to your team mate's messages in Slack. After using it for a while, we found that you can do lots of funny stuff with it - a best of is posted above. :-) Just take a picture with your favourite emoji and post it straight into a Slack channel. Think Snapchat but with Slack channels. Looking forward to your comments!
this is the dream, right?
@bentossell Yeah, totally. :) Especially for us as a remote team, it makes these rainy days in Berlin brighter :)
@alexweidauer @bentossell Agreed. And Ben, these days are seriously gray. Light gray is considered sunny. 🙄
@imcatnoone I live in Wales, Cat... mine are a lot grimmer than yours I assure you.
So finally Honecker has made it into ProductHunt. Can't wait to give it a try.