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#4 Product of the DayJune 05, 2016
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Celeb and custom emoji keyboards seem to be quite lucrative (@jackdweck put together a collection of some popular keyboards). Moji creates custom keyboards like Stephmoji (top of the paid U.S. App Store right now). Moji Keyboard is a collection of most their celeb-backed "emojis". Interesting to see which celebs are most popular on their platform: h/t @alexia for this find in this Twitter convo.
@rrhoover @jackdweck @alexia Seems cool. But, it requires "FULL ACCESS" ?!!
Like a lot of keyboards, they're keeping the user experience bar low. My top complaint is their use of dark patterns to sell content. At least their logo sums up what they stand for.
Feels like it's the new Jamba (ringtones) - super interesting!
That looks great. Does anyone know if they need permission to list the 3rd party emoji keyboards? e.g. they need permission from Kim K to list her keyboard? Or have they just added any they could find?
Like the idea! You can have a lot of products that some what do the same thing (YouTube, Vemio) or (Dailycam & Snapchat) but they still do different things . Really cool