Moji Edit

Your personal emoji turned into stickers and products 😍

Moji Edit is your emoji toolkit that allows you to create your ultra personalized, custom emoji featuring you in 100’s of different moods and expressions. Easily share your emoji within iMessage, Instagram, FB, Twitter and more

We’ve also created an entire store dedicated to your emoji! You can now shop your own emoji mugs, shirts and much more.

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These apps are BLOWING UP! - Moji Edit made by twin sisters with no tech background - Downloaded 500,000 in less than a month (!!!!!!) - 100,000 downloads were in two days. These apps continue to stun me. Awesome job @colinademirdjian @hripsimedemirdjian What's next with Moji Edit? Anything cool you can share with us?
Hey PH friends and thanks @bentosell for hunting us! A little about us: We’re Aussie twin sisters who decided to build Moji Edit during university law studies as a passion project to explore our own creativity. At the time, we had co-founded an Instagram account with 349,000 followers where we posted original content of emoji versioned songs. This was our first experience of how creative emoji could be outside of the chat scene. We noticed that there was no way you could create your own personal emoji that looked just like the actual emoji you see on your keyboard. The market options allowed you to create cartoon versions of yourself but nothing allowed you to make your own emoji. We asked our followers if they would be interested in an app that allowed you to customize your own emoji and they were excited about our idea. With thousands of people joining our beta waitlist, we started developing the product and gaining user feedback over our Instagram @mojiedit. Fast forward, one year of investing 1000’s of hours to create our art library for Moji Edit 2.0, we are one of the TOP DOWNLOADED and most used emoji apps with 600,000-800,000 installs each month growing our user base 30,000 NEW USERS DAILY! Our launch today highlights our opening of our Moji Edit merchandise store, where you can shop and print your own emojis on your favourite products. You will also be able to view the products in AR, which we'll be rolling out in a few days. Thank you for the love and support! Let us know what you think :)
@bentosell @mojiedit @colinademirdjian This is really remarkable traction. Congrats on the launch Colina & Hripsime, huge props on building this out with no tech background πŸ‘
@fredrivett Thanks Fred! We've both learnt so much and the journey has been an amazing experience. With Moji Edit, we wanted to explore and expand our innate potential and follow our creative passions. We hope sharing our story will inspire other entrepreneurs interested in tech, especially other young women to enter the tech space. We need more female tech buddies!
Good luck with the launch, Twins! πŸ™‚
@alexanderisora Thanks for your support ❀
Impressive growth! And really impressive how @colinademirdjian @hripsimedemirdjian were able to do this with no tech background. I'm fascinated by this new form of human expressivity. Do you think this will be one of the new modes of communication for the new generations going forward?
@ovinegrean Thanks Ovi for the support! Emojis have widely become to embody a core aspect of our social and digital worlds. With Moji Edit, the idea was to make the emoji experience personal and to allow users to form their own emoji identity for online environments. Communication has became more and more convenient and less and less human. Emoji and avatar communication restore expression that we lose online. They add feeling, emotion and better convey the messages we want to deliver. We both believe that emoji is an inevitable evolution of communication as we as a society keep using them.
I’ve been following Moji Edit since its launch. Growing at 500.000 new users per month, it’s clear that this is the new bitmoji! I believe emojis and avatars are able to represent us online. Really excited for the future of Moji Edit! Look forward to seeing where you take it next. Congratulations!!!πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
@kevinnatanzon Thanks Kevin! Your appreciation of Moji Edit really means a lot to us. We're seeing Moji Edit becoming the icon of the human identity online. We're laser focused on building a better communication tool with the aid of emoji and avatars. We'll definitely keep you posted on our next features and what's in the pipeline. We're super humbled with our user growth and will keep working to bring more exciting modes to the emoji space! You're an absolute legend πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

lot of variety


they're just amazing