The world's first universal smart helmet system

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become iron man
From true motorcycle gearheards to insane company partnerships, keep an eye for the FUSAR Technologies team. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world of connected products.
@pe_feeds And +1 for being from New Jersey!
This is awesome.
This is incredible and is something that I've been wanting for a long time. The ability to replace my GoPro and UClear w/ 1 device that also gives me a ton of other features usually handled by multiple apps on my phone is an instant win. Sign me up!
How does this compare with NUVIZ?
@nmoryl Nuviz is making an AR display that mounts on the chin bar of a full face motorcycle helmet and I'm not even sure if they are around anymore. We have a full 4-piece modular system that turns any helmet, irrespective of the sport or type, into a full on smart helmet. We provide full 2-way audio capabilities, photo + video, crash detection and emergency alerts, remote controls for various activity types, and it all ties into a robust app that has standalone value even without the hardware. Also developing the first binocular AR display for active use.