Animated HD filters for Instagram (Christmas edition)

Sure Ben! Here is the story: All 4 of us already run tech businesses - from startups to design and video production agencies. And every once in a while somebody would get a cool product idea. Unfortunately most of the times those ideas require serious commitment that we can't afford at the moment. But man, it is so much fun to build and launch something completely new! This time Tim came up with an awesome idea that would add a whole new set of creative possibilities to Instagram photos. It sounded great and looked like something that is quite simple to build. So we spent a few weeks of our evenings to make it. And it is finally here! Try it and let us know your thoughts here :)
@mrneek hey nick - how can I take off app branding on bottom right?
@bkaminsky branding can't be removed off of free filters, but paid filters come branding-free. We are working on the option to remove branding from free filters too, so stay tuned for new updates!
@mrneek even when I preview purchases it shows with the branding. And if the starter pack is purchased (can't remember if it came with the app or I paid), that has branding as well.
@bkaminsky Oh I see it now, this looks like a small bug. Paid packs should be branding-free even in preview mode, we'll fix it ASAP!
@mrneek still no update? I want to try this but need branding off